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09-06-06: Hamouras's site posted!

30-09-05: Olga's site posted!

06-06-05: First personal site posted!

26-04-05: Braveworld site posted. The ball has started rolling!

11-04-05: Introduction to Braveworld.


Think of this site as the axis of a wheel, or an intersection of multiple streets. It's a meeting place, a communication medium and an expression outlet for a group of people dispersed around the globe.

We are all close friends, each walking his own road. Unfortunately, our paths diverge and we do not spend as much time as we would like with each other. In order to alleviate the effects our lifestyle has on our relationships, we try to establish ways of communication that approach the immediacy of personal contact.

So this is not a normal community site. Each of us has a different view and different ideas about this space and where it leads to. And be sure that each of us is going to express his or her opinion.

Why the hell do we call it braveworld?

Well, it's the kind of name you get when one person has an idea and starts the ball rolling. We are just gratefull it started rolling :).